Connecting souls.

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There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of mankind.
— Winston Churchill


Our Philosophy

The correct handling of horses is a path of continual learning for all riders and horses. It is by listening to the horse and developing a deep trust in our own intuition that we can experience the greatest gift a horse can give: his undivided faith in us to live in the moment and make the right decisions for him. It is for this reason that we have developed our own method in teaching how to ride.

Our belief in the handling of our horses follows the same path. We like to keep them in small herds such as in the wild, as it promotes psychological well-being and physical health. The complex social structures of such groups help educate and shape well-balanced horses. There are various ways of interacting with horses which is why we like to promote therapy and groundwork, where one can experience a deeper understanding of self-awareness and the art of riding, for those who are interested.



We believe children should learn how to bond with a horse before riding. Our teaching therefore promotes developing a strong relationship with a horse through grooming, tacking up and handling him on the ground, before mounting to ride. The student sets the pace and in time will thereby experience an even deeper connection with their horse than taking a lesson at a conventional riding school.